D1041 Progress Report: 3rd December 2011
'A' End Transmission Lift, report by Matthew Lindley

Saturday the 3rd of December saw the replacement transmission fitted to A-end of D1041 Western Prince. It was decided to carry this out before the harsh depths of winter set in. The origional A-end Transmission was the reason for D1041s withdrawal from traffic back in 2004, since then the decision was made to completely overhaul the western and rebuild it both mechanically and electrically. The replacement transmission was loaned to the DTG in 2001 and spent many years keeping much loved classmate, D1015 Western Champion, active on the mainline. D1015's repaired transmission was returned and refitted freeing up our spare once again - It is suitably adorned with the wording 'On Tour 2001-2008 D1041 Prince'.

Preparations began in November, the last 2-3 weeks including re-fitting of the overhauled Serck Reservoir tank, completing the associated plumbing then filling with oil to check for leaks.

The A-end Dynostarter was also assessed to decide wether or not it needed to be lifted out for attention. The unit was 'Megged' and the readings taken were acceptable given that it has stood for several years, this motor had a thorough overhaul a while ago so internally is not in bad condition. A little TLC will bring the readings up, but this work can be done in-situ.

Remedial work will include cleaning the commutator, checking the brushes, cleaning the brush boxes, blowing dry warm air through the motor to dust it down and gently heating up the armature and field windings with an electric fan heater to dry out any accumulated moisture.

All of the framework around the transmission bay also needed to be re-fitted and bolted down, one or two hard to reach conduits were re-fitted with the new cable looms made up and fed through. The looms for both exhausters and the external shore supply socket were also made up and pulled through the conduit on the non-corridor side of the transmission bay.

Lifting Day, 3rd December 2011

Transmission leaving the ground The crane lowered the unit safely into into D1041's 'A' end

Class 01, D2956 was on shunting duties and positioned D1041 outside Castlecroft shed to suit the depot crane. The lift went smoothly and was relatively straight forward although a little bit of time and fettling was required to get all the bolt holes lined up before setting the gear box down. The only problem was having to modify one of the mounting feet, which did not have the correct grooves ground into it that allow the moving part of the mounting foot to swing in against the backplate to line up with the bedplate holes. All the other mounting feet had this done already but bizzarely one didn't so the lower half of the mounting foot was removed and two groves cut into it using an angle grinder and disk. This taken care of everything lined up perfectly and the transmission was down, a major step forward and the start of putting A-end of the loco back together.

Transmission received in the 'A' End bay 'A' end preheat being craned out

With the loco out of the shed and the crane running, the chance was also taken to lift out A-end pre-heater for either complete overhaul or replacement. A massive thanks to Mark Jopson, Tom Potter, Mick and Martin Tottle for braving the cold and ensuring a smooth lift.

Voith L6-30RV back in the loco with (L-R) Mark Jopson, Tom Potter and Matthew Lindley

A large amount of work has been going on elsewhere within the loco, details of where we're up to with the re-wire, component overhauls and work on both cabs will be updated in the new year.

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