D1041 Progress Report: 23rd October 2011
Oil Priming and Fuel Uplift pump overhauls, Chris Baily

A while ago I agreed with Matt Lindley to overhaul some motors for the D1041 project. The first ones he asked to be done were the Oil Priming Pump from B end and the Fuel Lift Pump which serves A End power unit. Both were transported back to my premises, then over the course of two weeks, and a total of 24hrs total work, they were refurbished, tested and then returned to Bury ready to refit to D1041.

Motors with Pumps and Mountings removed Pumps in the parts washer for crud removal

Both machines were stripped at the same time, in the following manner:

• Pumps removed from each motor, then the pumps de-greased
• Motor covers removed
• Mounting adapters removed and de-greased
• Brushes removed
• Fan end covers removed
• Armatures removed

With both motors now reduced to their component parts, a thorough inspection could be made. The fuel lift pump was particularly dirty and greasy inside, and the electrical readings for it were quite low.

Both motors stripped down before internal cleaning Close up of cleaned commutator

Both field casings were washed out with solvents, then heat applied to dry them out. The armatures were also given a clean with solvents then the commutators gently cleaned up with light grade emery cloth.

Then, with everything dried and the commutators masked off, a coat of anti-tracking varnish was applied to the armatures, fields and end covers. Once dry, the masking was removed and both armatures were re-fitted. Finally, the fan end covers were re-fitted and bolted up.

Armatures after coat of anti-tracking varnish .. and the Field casings after varnishing

All of the old paint on the motor casings and mounting stands was then removed with a wire wheel on a drill and needle gun in hard to reach places then treated with a coat of anti-corrosive primer and finished in silver.

Once dry the brushes were refitted, and temporary wires fitted to test the motors from a battery supply for 10 minutes each.

View inside a rebuilt motor before external work Motor casing and stand stripped to bare metal

The pumps and covers were needle gunned to remove all old paint then these were also treated with anti-corrosive primer and finished in silver. Once dry the pumps were refitted and patch painting done to complete them.

Pumps cleaned and bare of paint Motor and stand after a coat of primer

Motor, stand and Pump in Silver Job Done .. Both motors with pumps refitted after testing

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