Western Class Information
Number Series D1000-D1073 (74) Built BR Swindon (D1000-D1029)    
Introduced 1961-1964 BR Crewe (D1030-D1073)    

Power Unit 2 x Maybach MD655 12-cyl 4-Stroke Max Tractive Effort 67,390lb/f
Engine BHP 2 x 1350 @ 1500rpm Cont Tractive Effort 45,200lb/f at 14.5mph
Transmission Hydraulic four-speed Voith L6-30RV Maximum Speed 90mph
Fuel Capacity 850 Gallons Weight 109 Tons
Brake Force 82.5 Tons Route Availability 7

The class had a short lifespan of just 16 years in BR service, all being withdrawn by early 1977. Of the 74 locomotives 7 were saved from scrapping: D1010, D1013, D1015, D1023, D1041, D1048 and D1062. All seven saved locos have enjoyed 30+ years in preservation.

In 2002, after many years hard work, D1015 Western Champion earned main line certification and has toured the British Rail network far and wide since. Champion used D1041's spare transmission unit for 7 years on the mainline.