B-End Drivers Side corner in February with newly installed slanty back gusset inserted (left) and a couple of weeks later with webbing being built up around it, some of the structures going in had rotted to nothing or are in many cases design additions which add strength and encourage moisture to drain out of the valance and corner areas ...
On the corner of B-End Drivers side, the crash pillar and supports to both the left and right are now re-attached to the frames, the level of corrosion discovered was sigificant, again here as at A-End additional triangular gusset is inserted to further strengthen the corner just below cab floor level ..
.. and finally looking across the front of B-End again shoing the re-attached supporting members but also the headcode aperture is complete and will soon be ready for re-plating © February - March 2014, M Tottle - Click here to read the associated reports.

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